Sunday, 4 December 2011

Gathering cans for Babby's piggy bank and finally, the unveiling of my super secret identity!

My desk after collecting cans. (the base has three sides)
The past week at work I have been gathering cans from all the free drinks at the office. Ended up with a nice pyramid on my desk.

Yep, that's my desk. I am planning on collecting cans and turning them in at my local recycling centre for ten cents each. Should amount to a few dollars a week, which I will save for Babby.

Today, we stopped in at Target and had a look around the baby area. I found a gigantic ceramic pig, it's white with sparse, multicoloured, polka dots on it. Seriously, it's bigger than it looks! While at target we saw some super cute clothes for babies. First was a little santa suit, the boy's version comes with a little santa hat, the girls version comes with matching booties instead of a hat. Not sure I agree with the sexism but they were just so damn cute. Second was a little woolen beanie with a little puppy face and ears on it, along with matching mittens. I vomited a rainbow.

We put a few dollars in to get Babby started.

Well, I guess it's about time for the unveiling of my super secret identity now that we have notified all the people we want to notify in person (I hope). I am Matt Clerke and my partner is Janna Matthews (soon to be Clerke). We live in South Australia (yay ten cents per can at recycling depots!).

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